"Grape Mochi Pione" is a Japanese sweet made by wrapping grapes in mochi. This product, which was sold by Chateraise for a limited time last year, seems to be on sale for a limited time this year as well!

Large grapes! Big!
Large grapes! Big!

The grapes used in this product are Pione from Yamanashi Prefecture, a famous grape producing area that boasts the largest production in Japan!

It is said that Yamanashi Prefecture cultivates grapes used for sweets mainly in Katsunuma Town, but the soil in Katsunuma Town contains plenty of minerals, drains well, and the temperature difference is large, so it is the best land for grapes. That's right.

In addition, Chateraise's contract farmers are particular about safe and secure farming methods, such as using "rice bran" from Chateraise's Japanese sweets factory for compost and minimizing pesticides. This is a professional job! It will be delicious.

The summer recommended Japanese sweet "Grape Mochi Pione" is 63 yen (tax included) per piece. (cheap!)

It is on sale at Chateraise nationwide!