Morinaga Hi Chew Premium [Hokkaido Melon].

Morinaga Seika

: Hi-Chew Premium

[Hokkaido Melon]

Morinaga Seika will sell Hi-Chew Premium [Hokkaido Melon], a premium quality product with a pleasant sticky texture, for a limited time only. The product will go on sale on February 14. The price is open to the public.

Hi-Chew Premium [Hokkaido


"Hi-Chew Premium [Hokkaido Melon]" is characterized by its "super mochi" texture, which is a combination of exquisite softness and chewiness. With each bite, you can enjoy the mellow aroma and rich sweetness of Hokkaido melon juice, perfect for a break from studying or working hard every day.

Hi-Chew Premium [Grape]


Hi-Chew Premium [Grape] has also been improved with a "super sticky texture" that is twice as soft at the beginning of chewing and 1.3 times more elastic thereafter, compared to the previous product, and has been on sale sequentially since late January. The new product has a rich sweetness of Kyoho grapes with a refreshing aftertaste.

Hi-Chew Premium [Hokkaido Melon]" is sure to bring a little extravagance to the taste buds. Pick one up when you see it.