Shining Hi-Chew [Shine Muscat Flavor] and Hi-Chew Premium [Mikan] from Morinaga Seika Co.

Hi-Chew New & Renewal

Morinaga Seika will release "Shining Hi-Chew [Shine Muscat Flavor]" and "Hi-Chew Premium [Mikan]". The release date is November 1. Hi-Chew Grape and Hi-Chew Strawberry will also be renewed for a limited time.

Shining Hi-Chew [Shine Muscat


Shining Hi-Chew [Shine Muscat Flavor]" is a Hi-Chew with the refreshing sweetness and freshness of Shine Muscat juicy and spreading in the mouth as you chew. The "Shine Muscat Flavor" is a grape variety that is gaining popularity and is also a popular "Hi-Chew" flavor.

Hi-Chew Premium


"Hi-Chew Premium [Mikan]" has a "sticky texture" with an exquisite softness and chewiness, and a rich, sweet, sour and juicy taste made from mandarin oranges, a seasonal fruit.



The two core products of "Hi-Chew," a soft candy with a pleasant texture and juicy taste, were renewed for a limited time starting in early November. The renewed "Hi-Chew [Grape]" has been changed to a quality that allows the rich, sweet and sour grape flavor to be enjoyed to the end, and "Hi-Chew [Strawberry]" has been changed to a seasonal preparation for a limited time to provide a milky texture and rich strawberry flavor to the end.