The popular store "Leonard's", which sells Hawaiian sweets "Malasada", is now available at Dangozaka SA (up line) on the Chuo Expressway. It will open on June 26th.

You can buy the popular sweet "Malasada" at SA!
You can buy the popular sweet "Malasada" at SA!

Malasada is a sweet like "fried bread" that is popular in Hawaii. It is popular because you can enjoy the crunchy texture on the outside and the fluffy texture on the inside.

Leonard's is a long-established bakery founded in Hawaii in 1952, and is said to be a pioneer of Malasada. In Japan, the first store "Yokohama World Porters Store" opened in 2008. The Dangozaka store that will open this time will be the second store in Japan. The first day is scheduled to open from 11:00.

* Added on June 27: According to Central Nippon Exis, which is in charge of management and operation of Dangozaka SA, it seems that the opening of the store has been postponed as of 27th. Future trends will be announced in the near future.

* Added on July 1: According to Central Nippon Exis, it has been officially decided that this store opening will be cancelled.