7-ELEVEN "Tokushima Narutokintoki Muffin

7-ELEVEN New Breads and Sandwiches Summary (sequential release on November 14-15

, 2023) Recommended for breakfast, lunch, and snacks! Here is a summary of new breads and sandwiches to be sequentially released at 7-ELEVEN on November 14-15, 2023. This time, "Walnut Steamed Bun," "Tokushima Naruto-Kintoki Muffin," "Baguette Truffle-Scented Prosciutto Ham & Camembert," etc. will be available.

All prices include tax.
* Availability varies by region and store.
* All images are from 7-ELEVEN's official website.

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New breads and sandwiches to be released by 7-ELEVEN on November 14


7P Walnut Steamed Buns 2pcs.

7P Walnut Steamed Bun 2pcs

Walnut steamed bread with a rustic flavor made with san'on sugar and brownstrap molasses. Price: ¥159.84.

7Premium 3 kinds of cheese bread 4 slices

7Premium 3 Cheese Bread 4 slices

French bread dough topped with three kinds of cheese, topped with black pepper, and baked to a savory flavor. Priced at ¥170.64.

7P Smooth custard cream bun

7P smooth custard cream bun

A cream bun filled with smooth custard. Price: 138.24 yen.

Kokuyami Gratin Croquette Burger

Kokuyami Gratin Croquette Burger

A soft and moist bun sandwiched between a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth gratin croquette. The price is 224.64 yen.

Tokushima Naruto-Kintoki Muffin

7-ELEVEN "Tokushima Narutokintoki Muffin

A muffin made with a moist dough mixed with Narutokintoki paste and dice, topped with Narutokintoki dice, baked, and topped with black sesame seeds. Price: 181.44 yen.

7-Eleven new bread and sandwich


Sweet Bread Ham & Cheese

" to be

released on November 15

7-ELEVEN "Sweet Bread Ham & Cheese"

Sweet bread sandwich with bacon mayonnaise and pork ham. Price: 324 yen.

Baguette Truffle-Scented Prosciutto Ham & Camembert

7-ELEVEN "Baguette Truffle-Scented Prosciutto & Camembert

A "petit luxury" baguette sandwich with truffle-scented cured ham and fresh camembert. The price is 321.84 yen.

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