Mizumaru Anzai is an illustrator and essayist. I think there are many people who knew Mr. Anzai from the illustrations of Mr. Haruki Murakami's book "Murakami Asahido". Also known as a picture book writer, he also works on picture book works for children.

Mizumaru Anzai passed away on March 19th.

On April 25th, Shinjuku Loft Plus One will hold an event "Classical Bar Drunk Night" in memory of Mizumaru Anzai. The guest will be Satoshi Otake, a writer and editor-in-chief of "Sake and Tsumami". And there are two people, Kiwako Kurashima, the editor-in-chief of "Classical Bar".

Initially, this event was planned to be held for lovable drunkards nationwide, centered on Kiwako Nagakurashima. However, with the death of one of the event guests, Mr. Anzai, the content of the event was changed to a memorial rally. It is said that he remembered Mr. Anzai while talking about the legend of Mr. Anzai, who loved alcohol, while drinking alcohol.

On the day of the event, Loft Plus One's special menu, "Zhang Tsuru (Sake)," is also available. You can immerse yourself in the memories of Mr. Anzai while drinking this sake that Mr. Mizumaru Anzai liked.

You can also drink "Zhang Tsuru (sake)" that Mr. Mizumaru Anzai liked.
You can also drink "Zhang Tsuru (sake)" that Mr. Mizumaru Anzai liked.

By the way, Mizumaru Anzai, who is also known as a curry lover, always said, "I want to make curry for the last supper." Mr. Anzai, did you eat curry at the end? As a fan, I'm a little worried.

The date is April 25th. Doors open at 18:30 and the event starts at 19:30. Advance tickets are 1,500 yen (excluding food and drink charges). For details, please check the Shinjuku Loft Plus One website.