The Sochi Olympics are just four days away. Russia is getting more and more crowded, but do you know the average life expectancy of men in Russia?

It's 64 years old. This is one of the 50 countries in the world with the shortest life expectancy. Incidentally, the average life expectancy of men in Japan, one of the world's longest-living countries, is almost 80 years old. The difference is obvious when compared to Japan. Furthermore, in recent years, it has been found that 25% of men in Russia die before reaching the age of 55.

A recent study suggests that the cause of this is actually vodka. A recent study suggests that vodka may actually be the cause.

Sure, Russia is associated with vodka, but...
Sure, Russia is associated with vodka, but...

According to the media, the study was conducted by researchers from the Russian Cancer Research Center based in Moscow, the University of Oxford in the UK, and the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer in France. They tracked the drinking patterns of about 150,000 adults in three cities in Russia for up to 10 years.

They found that those who drank more vodka had a higher risk of death. The vodka-induced causes of death include alcohol poisoning and accidents caused by drinking, in addition to throat cancer and liver disease, they said. In addition, such people are generally smokers, and smoking is also a factor that increases the risk of death.

David Zaridze, a professor at the Russian Cancer Research Center, says, "The risk of dying from cancer is very high.

People in Russia drink a lot. Some people say it's because of the cold, but that's just an excuse. As a country, we need to change our lifestyle.

I wonder if any of you are surprised. If anyone is using the cold winter weather as an excuse to drink, they might want to take this opportunity to rethink their alcohol habits.