Famima "Famimal Secret Ranking" Vol. 4


"Famimaru Secret Ranking" Vol.

4 The fourth edition of "Famimaru Secret Ranking," in which Famima employees passionately introduce "Famimaru" products, has been released. In this fourth installment, barista Satoshi Kasuya selects and ranks the Famimaru products that go best with Café Latte Regular, without making any discoveries.


Secret Ranking

FamilyMart's private brand "Famimaru" boasts a wide lineup of products ranging from rice balls and boxed lunches to prepared foods, beverages, and daily necessities. From this wide variety of products, the following is a ranking of our employees' personal favorites that they love without work.

No. 1

Protein 7.4g (0.14oz) Kaisen Stick with Hakata Mentaiko Mayonnaise
This one-hand product combines seafood sticks that have a firmer feel with Hakata mentaiko mayonnaise for easy eating. Priced at 168 yen (tax included, same as below). Excluding Okinawa Prefecture.

Mr. Kasuya comments
The mayonnaise and mentaiko go well with the café latte, and there is a feeling that they bring out the best in each other. There is an impression that the deep sweetness of the latte is easily perceived, and the seafood stick also adds flavor.

Famima "7.4g Protein Seafood Stick with Hakata Mentaiko Mayonnaise".

No. 2

Rich and mild tasting Butter Ch icken Curry
Rich and mild tasting butter chicken curry with tomatoes and cream. 27 spices & herbs. The price is 320 yen. Sales area: except Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa Prefectures.

Mr. Kasuya comments
The curry is a little sweet, which gives it just the right balance. The aftertaste of the sweet curry is refreshing.

Famima "Rich and Mild Taste Butter Chicken Curry

No. 3

Shoulder Loin Cured Ham
This aromatic cold-smoked cured ham is made from pork shoulder loin, which has a delicious lean meat and rich fatty meat. The price is 130 yen. Sales area: except Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa Prefectures.

Mr. Kasuya's comment
Like the image of salt and watermelon, the sweetness becomes very strong when taken together.

Famima "Shoulder loin cured ham

No. 4

Four kinds of unbaked mixed nuts without salt and oil
A combination of almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, and walnuts. Price: 358 yen.

Mr. Kasuya's comment
goes well with the idea! The "no oil" is the key to the compatibility. There is a feeling that the nuts become easier to eat.

Famima "4 kinds of unbaked mixed nuts without salt and oil


Cute chocolate biscuit crispy panda
It is a crispy biscuit and milk chocolate. Cute panda face chocolate cookie. Price is 128 yen.

Comment by Mr. Kasuya
The richness of the chocolate and the café latte match beautifully.

Famima "Cute Chocolate Biscuit Crunchy Panda

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