KALDI "Panda Apricot Bean Curd Mini
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KALDI Online Shop (Mail Order) Top 5 Popular Products Ranking

Top 5 Online Shop (Mail Order) Ranking of KALDI Coffee Farm! The No. 1 that you are interested in is ......?

Information is current as of September 2023.

No. 5 Cafe au


Base (Concentrated Coffee) 500ml (16.91us fl oz)

This is a sugar-sweetened, triple-diluted, concentrated type of liquid coffee that serves as the base for Cafe au Lait, made from 100% Brazilian coffee beans. It can be enjoyed hot or iced, and can be mixed to your desired consistency. The price is 398 yen (tax included, same as below).

KALDI "Cafe au Lait Base (concentrated coffee) 500ml

No. 4 Sunsqueeze Grapefruit

: Because the


is soaked in a low-sugar syrup, the acidity that would be too sour if it were fresh is moderately reduced, giving it a fresh sweetness and a firm, grainy texture. It is ideal for making desserts as is, of course. The price is 258 yen (sale price).

KALDI "Sun Squeeze Grapefruit

No. 3 Miine Silica Silica (Silica Water

) This mineral water in PET bottles contains silica (silicon), a mineral that strengthens collagen bonds. Medium-hard water with an easy-to-drink mouthfeel. Price: 118 yen (sale price).

KALDI "Cafe au Lait Base (concentrated coffee) 500ml

No. 2 Panda Apricot Bean Curd Mini 215g (7.58oz)

This KALDIo original apricot bean curd is very popular for both its panda illustration package and taste. You can enjoy it right away by chilling the pack in the refrigerator and letting it harden. You can also take it out of the pack and heat it over a low flame, then harden it in a mold of your choice. The thick texture and milky flavor are irresistible. The price is 198 yen.

KALDI "Panda Apricot Bean Curd Mini

No. 1 La Preziosa Canned Diced Tomatoes 400g (14.11oz)

: Canned diced tomatoes. Only the best quality tomatoes are used, selected from tomatoes from the Campania region, known for its famous tomatoes. The price is 98 yen (sale price).

KALDI "La Prezziosa Diced Tomatoes, 400g can