BuzzFeed, a social news provider, announced on May 10 that the video "How Many Drugs Can You Buy For $ 20 Around The World?" How many drugs can I buy with dollars?) ”Has been released.

There are various indicators for comparing prices. BuzzFeed is paying attention to the price of luxury items this time. In addition to Starbucks latte and tobacco, prices of marijuana and Jack Daniel's are used to compare prices around the world.

The video begins with a comparison of marijuana prices around the world. According to the report, the number of grams of marijuana that can be purchased for $ 20 is 0.5 grams in Japan, 1.8 grams in the United States, 2.4 grams in the United Kingdom, 2.5 grams in Canada, and 4 grams in the Netherlands.

However, because the regulations on possession and cultivation of cannabis or marijuana differ from country to country, it would be quite difficult to compare the prices of marijuana in each country.

The video then compares the prices of Starbucks latte. According to the report, the number of latte that can be purchased for $ 20 is only 2 in Norway, 3 in Russia, 4 in France, 5 in the UK, 6 in the US and 7 in India.

Japanese latte prices do not appear in the video. However, at Starbucks in Japan, Grande size latte is 420 yen, so you can buy about 5 latte. The latte price of Starbucks in Japan seems to be at the same level as in the UK.

The video also compares the price of cigarettes. According to this, the number of cigarette boxes that can be purchased for $ 20 is only 1.3 in Norway. Even if you pay 2,000 yen in Japanese yen, you can only buy one box of cigarettes, which is a difficult situation for smokers.

On average, you can buy 3.1 boxes in the United States. However, in the United States, the tobacco tax rate varies from state to state, and only 1.6 boxes can be purchased in New York City, which is famous for its high tax rate. You can buy 3.7 boxes of cigarettes in Japan, 9 boxes in China, and 40 boxes in the Philippines.

If you want to know the price of other luxury items, please refer to the following video.

「How Many Drugs Can You Buy For $20 Around The World?