Truth behind Matcha’s popularity among celebrities

Truth behind Matcha’s popularity among celebrities

Matcha is loved not only by Japanese people  but also by people all over the world. What would you answer if someone asked you, "What pops into your head hearing the word matcha?”  If the responders are Japanese, some may answer "a traditional Japanese drink with a slightly bitter taste.”

In Japan, matcha is not often associated with health and beauty, but in fact, matcha's ingredients such as theanine, catechins, caffeine, and vitamins C and E can relax one’s mind, improve skin and increase the metabolism and help lose one’s weight. Matcha has many good effects that are good for the body.

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Matcha is just called "Matcha" outside Japan, and it seems to have a predominant image as a "superfood" that is healthy, good for beauty, and good for weight loss. This may be because many matcha loving celebrities have their own brands of matcha supplements and matcha powder, and have spoken out loud that matcha is their secret to health, beauty, and staying in shape.

Truth behind Matcha’s popularity among celebrities

The following celebrities are well-known for loving matcha.

Kourtney Barker

Known for her love for matcha, Kourtney Barker sells her own matcha powder, tea sets, and shows recipes for matcha lattes and matcha pudding and other matcha sweets on her own website, Poosh. Her husband, Travis Barker, was actually the inspiration for her love for matcha.

Miranda Kerr

A well-known in the industry of wellness and beauty,  Miranda Kerr sells matcha powder as a supplement under her brand "ORGANICS KORA" and says that the secret to her skin beauty is to drink a cup of matcha every day. Matcha is also essential for maintaining her figure, and she claims that it helps her keep in shape.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is the founder of Goop, a brand dedicated to wellness and beauty. She was a pioneer in building a brand among the wellness and beauty industry. She is also known as a celebrity who loves matcha.

Truth behind Matcha’s popularity among celebrities


Matcha is known as a superfood overseas because its health, beauty, and diet benefits are advocated by many famous celebrities. It is also very popular for its taste and it can be easily consumed in sweets, drinks, and food.