goo ranking "Menu ranking of Saizeriya that I think is the most delicious"

The ranking information site "goo ranking" that ranks all "things and things" in the world has the theme of "Saizeriya", an Italian food chain, and many people think that Saizeriya's menu is the most delicious. We investigated and ranked which one is.

3rd place "Spicy chicken"

"Spicy chicken" has a crispy skin texture and juicy chicken umami. It is a popular snack menu that is made by carefully soaking the plump wings in the sauce and seasoning with the spices that are uniquely blended. The menu sells spicy flavors, but the seasoning is mild, and I'm happy that everyone from children to adults can enjoy it. In addition, the price is as low as 300 yen (tax included), and the goodness of cospa that you can order with a glass of wine with one coin is also attractive. A frozen To go menu will be available in December 2020.

2nd place "Milan-style doria of soft-boiled egg"

"Milan-style doria with soft-boiled eggs" is a classic menu with "Milan-style doria" topped with soft-boiled eggs. The white sauce, which has the richness and flavor of milk, is a perfect match for the soft-boiled egg of Toro Toro, and it has a mellow taste. Doria's white sauce is produced at a factory in Australia where dairy products are cheap, resulting in cost reduction. The reason why it is so popular is that you can enjoy a rich white sauce that uses about 500 ml of raw milk per serving at a low price.

1st place "Milan style Doria"

"Milan-style Doria" is synonymous with Saizeriya. The menu, which combines turmeric rice with white sauce, minced meat sauce, and cheese, is a simple yet discerning dish. A menu that has been a long-selling menu since its establishment. It is popular as a standard taste, but it has been improved more than 1,000 times so far. It seems that the accumulation of such corporate efforts is the reason why many people love it. The large classic menu "Milan-style Doria", which you can enjoy in combination with soups, salads, and meat dishes, has won the first place.

Aggregation period: October 9, 2021 to October 23, 2021