Ranking information site goo ranking "Ranking of the most favorite nigiri at Sushiro".

goo ranking, a ranking information site that ranks all kinds of "things" in the world, conducted a survey and ranking on the theme of Sushiro, a conveyor-belt sushi chain, to find out which nigirizushi menu item is the most favorite at Sushiro. The survey period was from July 12, 2022 to July 26, 2022.

No. 3 Hamachi

Hamachi" is made from "desei fish," which changes its name as it grows. This limited-quantity nigiri is served fresh in stores after being landed at fish ponds in Mie and Wakayama prefectures, where the water quality is good and the temperature is stable, and processed at a processing plant near the fishing port. The hamachi is skinned at the restaurant so that the fatty skin can be tasted. There are two types of hamachi served: the back part, which is chewy, and the fatty belly part, but only a small amount of the belly meat is available, so it only flows down the lanes.

Hamachi, which is served as "cold yellowtail" from November to April, when the fish has grown in the pond, came in third place.

No. 2 Shrimp Avocado

Shrimp avocado" is made by boiling shrimp in a special broth to lock in the flavor, topped with avocado containing high quality fat and sliced onion, and mayonnaise. This nigiri is characterized by the good combination of shrimp and avocado and its volume. The special mayonnaise with more egg yolk is used in this menu item, which is delicious even when eaten as is. If you like sweetened flavors, you should definitely try it.

Among the many nigiri, the "Shrimp Avocado," which is said to be especially popular among female customers, came in second place.

No. 1 Salmon

Salmon" is popular because it is fatty and easy to eat. Sushiro offers a variety of salmon-type nigiri from various origins, mainly Norway and Chile, but the most popular item on the menu seems to be the basic one.

Although mainly from overseas, Sushiro is also making efforts to use domestically produced salmon, offering fresh salmon from Aomori in the "Sushiro Grand Opening Festival" held for a limited time in May 2022, and in the "Nihon no Umai! is in Sushiro. Hokkaido Tohoku Arc" also featured raw salmon from Sanriku and became a topic of conversation. Among the many nigiri, "Salmon" won the first place as it is one of the dishes that Sushiro is very particular about.