COUNTRY MA'AM will release "Kuromitsuki Nako" and "Azuki Zenzai" with the theme of Japanese sweets nationwide on November 12th. The estimated price is 158 yen each.

COUNTRY MA'AM "Kuromitsuki Nako" is a limited-time flavor made by kneading Hokkaido kinako into the dough and painting the surface with brown sugar-containing kinako. The fragrance of kinako and the rich sweetness of black honey are combined to create a taste that expresses "black fluffy rice cake". It seems that this scent when warming is more accentuated, and you can enjoy the fragrant taste and the deliciousness of freshly baked.

COUNTRY MA'AM "Azuki Zenzai" is a limited-time flavor made by kneading Hokkaido Dainagon Azuki into the dough and adding chocolate chips. Two types of chocolate chips are used: sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. When warmed, the sweet scent of azuki beans becomes more pronounced, and you can enjoy a deeper taste.