Renewal of "Sayamakucha Udon" in the Ouchi-Yamada Udon handmade noodles series

Ouchi-Yamada Udon Teuchi Series

From the popular "Ouchi-Yamada Udon Teuchi Series," which has sold a total of 6,000 units (calculated from the total number of hand-pulled udon series products sold as of April 30, 2022), the renewed "Sayamacha Udon" is now available for a limited time. The price is 2,500 yen (tax included). Delivery by frozen delivery. A separate shipping fee will be charged, but if the purchase amount at "Ouchi-Yamada Udon" is 3,000 yen or more including tax, the shipping fee will be waived.

The Ouchi-Yamada Udon handmade udon series is a "mid-course food education kit" that allows you to experience handmade udon in the simple steps of stepping on a ball of udon, stretching and cutting the dough, and boiling it, rather than starting with flour. A rolling pin, batter, plastic sheet, and udon sauce are all included in the kit, making it easy to enjoy at home.

Sayamakucha Udon

Sayamakucha Udon" comes in a set that includes a white udon ball, green udon batter with Sayama tea kneaded into it, and a bag of zenzai (Japanese sweet red bean paste). Also included this time is an original coaster with a scarecrow mark.

It can be enjoyed as a cold udon or as "Udon Zenzai" by pouring the set of Zenzai over the green udon with the flavor of Sayama tea.

Kit Contents

Udon balls (1 ball of white, 1 ball of green * for 4 adults), dipping sauce (4 bags for 1 adult), batter (2 bags), 1 bag of Zenzai (* for 1 adult), original rolling pin with scarecrow mark, plastic sheet, certificate of completion Certificate, letter from the president, original coaster with a scarecrow mark

The set does not include the condiments and other decorations shown in the image of the finished product.