Akafuku "Akafuku Zenzai (for souvenirs)"
(The source of the image is Akafuku official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Akafuku Zenzai (for souvenirs)" will appear from Akafuku. Orders will be available from the official online shop from December 26, 2021 and will be delivered from January 6, 2022. Also, from December 30th, it will be available at Akafuku and Isuzu Chaya stores. The selling price is 600 yen (tax included) per meal.

Akafuku Zenzai (for souvenirs)

Akafuku Zenzai is a warm zenzai with fragrant rice cakes. It is said to be the sweetness of Akafuku in winter, and the large Dainagon azuki beans used for zenzai are characterized by being cooked so as not to leave any unpleasant taste and not to spoil the azuki beans and flavor.

At the beginning of the sale in 1966, the menu name was "Akafuku Shiruko", but after various improvements were made, it was changed to "Akafuku Zenzai" in 1987. It has been done and continues now. The stores that sell souvenirs are as follows.

Akafuku / Main store / Naikumae branch / Isuzugawa store Isuzu Chaya / Main store / Isuzugawa store / Sotomiyamae store