7-ELEVEN "Old Fashioned Like a College Sweet Potato

7-ELEVEN New Arrival Sweets Summary (sequential release from October 3 to 7)

New products to be sequentially released at 7-Eleven from October 3 to 7, 2023. We will introduce a selection of newly arrived sweets and ice cream that we are interested in. This time, "Old Fashioned like a College Sweet Potato", "Macaroon Ice Cream Red Haruka", "Royal Milk Tea Monaka", etc. will be available.

All prices include tax.
* Availability varies by region and store.
* Source of all images is the official 7-ELEVEN website.

October 3 release: 7-ELEVEN New Arrival Sweets

7 Premium Chocolate Bread 2 pieces

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Chocolate Bread 2-Pack

Mini breads baked with chocolate filling rolled into the dough. Price: 159.84 yen.

7Premium Pumpkin Steamed Buns (3 pieces)

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Pumpkin Steamed Buns, 3 pieces"

Flavorful steamed bread baked with pumpkin paste kneaded into the dough. Topped with pumpkin seeds. The price is 159.84 yen.

7P Japanese Chestnut Pancake 2pcs.

7-ELEVEN "7P Japanese Chestnut Pancake 2pcs.

Pancakes with marron bean paste and whipped cream. Price: 149.04 yen.

Chocolate Old Fashioned

7-ELEVEN "Chocolate Old Fashioned

Old fashioned doughnut with a crispy outside and a moist center, topped with half a layer of chocolate. The price is 138.24 yen.

Old fashioned that looks like a college sweet

7-ELEVEN "Old Fashioned Like a College Sweet Potato

Old fashioned doughnut with sweet potatoes kneaded into the dough and cream and sprinkled with sesame seeds that go well together. Priced at 140.40 yen.

Mochimochi Ring Sugar

7-ELEVEN "Mochimochi Ring Sugar

Mochi Mochi Ring Sugar" is a doughnut made with a sticky texture and coated with a refreshingly sweet sugar coating. Priced at 138.24 yen.

Akagi Choco Mint

7-ELEVEN "Akagi Choco Mint

Newly arrived ice cream. Price: 172.80 yen.

Morinaga Shimashimama-umaumauma Bar Caramel

7-ELEVEN "Morinaga Shimashima Umama Bar Caramel

New arrival ice cream. The price is 151.20 yen.

Meiji Tsujiri Ooinomatcha Chocolate & Crunch

7-ELEVEN "Meiji Tsujiri O-Naoi Matcha Chocolate & Crunch".

New arrival ice cream. Price: 194.40 yen.

7Premium Macaroon Ice Cream Red Haruka

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Macaroon Ice Cream Red Haruka

Red Haruka flavor macaroon ice cream with a sweet taste. Price: 278.64 yen.

Imuraya Pudding Ice Cream Multi

7-ELEVEN "Imuraya Pudding Ice Cream Multi

New arrival ice cream. Price: 386.64 yen.

October 4 release: 7-Eleven New Arrival Sweets

Custard Eclair

7-ELEVEN "Custard Eclair

Eclair with a smooth custard cream filling in a mouthwatering eclair crust made with domestic wheat. Price: 181.44 yen.

Zenzai with Shiratama cream and azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido

7-ELEVEN "Shiratama Cream Zenzai with Hokkaido Tokachi Azuki Beans

Mochi (sticky) shiratama (white bean curd) and whipped cream are placed on top of the soft bean paste. The price is 313.20 yen.


Premium Royal Milk Tea Monaka

7-Eleven "7 Premium Royal Milk Tea Monaka

Monaka ice cream with an image of the taste of milk tea with lots of milkiness. Price: 213.84 yen.

Glico Ice no Mi - Dark Japanese Pear

7-ELEVEN "Glico Ice No Nuts Dark Japanese Pear

Newly arrived ice cream. Priced at 162 yen.

Also look out for the new matcha doughnut! : 7-ELEVEN "Old Fashioned Uji Matcha" and "Mottochiri Doughnut Uji Matcha" supervised by Kyuemon Ito in Kyoto! Uji green powdered tea blended in the "golden ratio" is used.