However, I see many works pursuing "enjoyment of eating" such as the manga "Gourmet of Solitude" (written by Masayuki Kusumi / drawn by Jiro Taniguchi / Fusosha Publishing), which depicts the scene of eating intently.

Meanwhile, a slightly unusual cookbook that stimulates appetite, cooking, and even reading has been released.
Ai Hosokawa "Shokukicho" / Little More
Ai Hosokawa "Shokukicho" / Little More

"Shokukicho" (Little More) by Ai Hosokawa, a cook, is a book that summarizes the daily life of Mr. Hosokawa, who married from Tokyo to Kumamoto. The menu and food of the day are introduced along with how to make it, but the photos are not used at all because I want you to read it while imagining it. Nevertheless, when I read it, a freshly prepared and delicious dish comes to my mind.

For example ---

Spaghetti in the field Let's make spaghetti that children love from vegetables harvested before noon. For overweight Moroccan beans, remove the hardened pods and boil only the beans with spaghetti. Roughly chop peppers, green beans, and zucchini and steam and fry with crushed garlic, olive oil, and crude salt. When it becomes soft, chop the zucchini flowers and heat them quickly, then mix the spaghetti with beans in a colander, and the chopped basil and perilla. The quality of the olive oil was not good, but even that drowned out the aroma of vegetables. (Excerpt from the text)

Now, what kind of spaghetti was created in your "delusion"?

Mr. Hosokawa seems to have lived in Italy, and there are many seasonings, ingredients, and cooking methods that are rarely seen. In addition, the ingredients I met while traveling, seasonal vegetables, foods I ate at the store ... The various meals I encountered in my daily life made me feel that "one person" is living a daily life. I will.

Not only the food itself, but also the table where the food is lined up, the facial expressions and breathing of the people who eat it, are just "reading food". This is a book that you want to enjoy leisurely on your holidays.