When I'm drinking with a manga lover, there is always a topic that gets excited.

"Are there any'manga dishes' you want to eat?"

For me, it's the ramen rice that appears in Leiji Matsumoto's "Otoko Oidon." It's just ramen and rice, but it's the only feast for the hero of a super-poor ronin. I eat this again so deliciously! It was strongly engraved in the child's mind as a "longing menu" that you want to eat when you grow up.

… It was a bit of a maniac (?) Example, but people call it “manga rice”.

Which "manga rice" is this?
Which "manga rice" is this?

■ "Manga Shokudo" that reproduces "I wanted to eat someday!"

However, there was a person who actually embodied this manga rice. Yuko Umemoto's "Manga Shokudo", which I will introduce today, is a recipe book that thoroughly reproduces the dishes that appear in the manga. We independently researched the dishes that appear in various manga such as "Doraemon" and "Ashita no Joe", and reproduced them fairly faithfully. Moreover, the recipe is posted so that readers can also make it.

Manga cafeteria / Yuko Umemoto
Manga cafeteria / Yuko Umemoto

■ It is an ordinary woman who makes manga rice

Mr. Umemoto is an office worker and a housewife who lives with her husband. Yes, not a cooking professional but a general woman. It seems that the reason why he started making manga rice was that he tried to incorporate manga dishes into his daily dining table, which is becoming a rut.

Mr. Umemoto says, "I felt that my daily chores and meals became entertainment." There are people who like the work so much that they cosplay or actually go to the place where it was set, right? According to her, manga rice is also a genre of fan activities that "wants to relive the world of fiction in reality."

In this book, all 49 items of manga rice will appear. It's fun to see works that you know, and the story introduction and episodes before and after the cooking scene are also included, so even manga that you have never read will make you think "I should read it next time".

■ The editorial department chose "child lunch" this time

That's why I'm the author of the manga cafeteria. The recipe is also included, so I tried it!

The menu this time is "Children's Lunch" of "Utsurun Desu", which has been talked about in blogs and book reviews as "it looks really bad". Many people may miss this work by Sensha Yoshida, who established the genre of absurd gag manga and was also animated.

The child lunch is a "surreal" children's lunch that appears in the film. This menu is provided by the head cook who "doesn't like children very much". The contents are ketchup rice with offal, toppings with aim and sweet potatoes, and a flag with "neck" fluttering instead of the national flag, which is likely to be a child's trauma. The confused expression of my father when he was brought to the table during the work left an impression on me.

Can an adult endure a child lunch that a child bites while crying? !!

■ I made a child lunch

First, make ketchup rice with offal. Stir-fry pork offal, garlic, garlic, and barley rice and season with salt and pepper and ketchup.

It smells full of stamina
It smells full of stamina

And serve. Submerge the extra miniature car in a glass and add lightly baked sweet potatoes, steamed sweet potatoes, and shriveled radish leaves. Fasten the dessert banana with a rubber band and decorate the "neck" flag to complete it! Oh, what do you mean ...

This is "child lunch"! !!
This is "child lunch"! !!

By the way, this is Mr. Umemoto's "Child Lunch" (Source: Manga Shokudo)
By the way, this is Mr. Umemoto's "Child Lunch" (Source: Manga Shokudo)

The editorial department is excited about the high degree of perfection of the recipe. The sweet banana scent and the strong scent of fish and garlic are mixed, and the appetite goes away. Mr. Umemoto expresses the taste in this book as follows.

"Pork offal that can't be chewed forever in the mouth. What a wild and beasty flavor. The sweetness of ketchup and the smelly garlic seem to match ... It doesn't match at all! Neutralize ... No! The leaves of the radish that have been squeezed do not become like pickled radish ... "

I think I bought fresh offal as much as possible, but it doesn't go well with ketchup! I managed to finish the meal while doing it separately for each ingredient.

"In a nutshell, it was very bad."

This lunch that Mr. Umemoto declared so. That's exactly right, but when it was completed, it released a lot of adrenaline. My advice is to share and enjoy it with everyone, rather than making it lonely.

■ Manga cafeteria is still open today

The point of this book is that the sentences written from a life-sized and honest perspective with us also evoke sympathy. Mr. Umemoto's challenge originally started from the blog and is updated from time to time. If you are not satisfied with the book, please check it out!