Pizza Hut will release 6 new pizzas and 1 new side menu on March 4th for the spring party season when there are many gatherings due to new life etc. Introduced "Hand Toss" (excluding some stores).

There are 6 types of new pizzas to appear this time: "Pizza Hut Mayo Gourmet", "Thick Sliced Teriyaki Chicken", "Avocado Shrimp", "Rich Formage", "Wild Garlic", and "Spring Party 4 (Pho)". The new side menu is a bite-sized product "Hat PON" that is easy to eat (see below for both).

In addition, the newly introduced "Mocchiri Hand Toss" is a dough that is baked with cheddar cheese on the "Mimi" part. It seems that you can enjoy the chewy texture and the crunchy texture of "Mimi" at the same time.

[New menu]

● Pizza Hut Mayo Gourmet

A pizza with a double sauce of tomato sauce and mayonnaise, where you can enjoy juicy rough sliced sausage, bacon, green asparagus, onion, mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes, Italian tomatoes and other plenty of vegetables. The price is M size / 2,480 yen, L size / 3,580 yen.

● Thick-sliced teriyaki chicken

A hearty pizza made from chicken thighs, sliced into thick slices, and topped with plenty of corn. The price is M size / 2,180 yen, L size / 3,280 yen.

● Avocado shrimp

A pizza with a mellow taste, topped with a special sauce made by adding flavored vegetables to Mexican avocado, a large shrimp with a "plump" texture that goes well with avocado, fresh sliced tomatoes and Italian tomatoes, and bacon and onions. .. The price is M size / 2,380 yen, L size / 3,480 yen.

● Rich formage

As "Formage" means cheese in Italian, this pizza uses a special Camembert sauce as the sauce and is topped with 4 types of cheese (fresh mozzarella, camembert, cheddar, parmesan). The price is M size / 2,550 yen, L size / 3,650 yen.

● Wild garlic

A "gutsuri" pizza with plenty of garlic on three types of meat: pepperoni, bacon, and Italian sausage. The price is M size / 2,380 yen, L size / 3,480 yen.

● Spring party 4

A luxurious pizza where you can enjoy four types of pizza, including the new products "Pizza Hut Mayo Gourmet", "Thick Sliced Teriyaki Chicken", "Avocado Shrimp", and the popular classic "Aidaho Special". The price is M size / 2,280 yen, L size / 3,380 yen, and only this menu is sold for a limited time.

◎ Side menu "Hat PON"

A bite-sized product made by wrapping chocolate or cheese in a "sticky" dough, topped with cheddar cheese, and baked crispy and fragrant. You can choose and purchase a mix (4 chocolates, 4 cheeses), 8 chocolates, or 8 cheeses. The price is 380 yen.