Capricciosa winter limited menu
(All images are from the official Capricciosa website)

It was announced on the official website that a limited winter menu will appear in Capricciosa. It will be handled from December 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

Shrimp pizza (shrimp mayo sauce)

Capricciosa winter limited menu

"Shrimp pizza (shrimp mayo sauce)" is baked with colorful vegetables, shrimp and cheese sprinkled on tomato sauce containing migrating crab meat, and shrimp mayo sauce is sprinkled on the finish. The selling price is 1,680 yen (tax included, same below).

Sea urchin tomato cream spaghetti

Capricciosa winter limited menu

"Sea urchin tomato cream spaghetti" is a special tomato sauce of Capricciosa with sea urchin and dill as an accent. The selling price is 1,480 yen.

Lobster soup

Capricciosa winter limited menu

"Omar lobster soup" is a tomato-based dish where you can enjoy the umami of lobster. Sautéed shrimp are scattered on the toppings. The selling price is 680 yen.

Strawberry tiramisu

Capricciosa winter limited menu

"Strawberry Tiramisu" is Capricciosa's original tiramisu with strawberry chocolate mousse and strawberry chocolate powder. It is said that you can enjoy the bittersweetness of tiramisu and the sweet and sour taste of strawberry chocolate. The selling price is 680 yen.

The stores that carry winter limited menus are as follows. Sales details vary depending on the store.

・ AEON MALL Tomakomai (Spaghetti, Pizza)
・ Otaru store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Aeon Mall Shimoda (Spaghetti, Pizza)
・ Hirosaki Nakasan store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Aomori ELM store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ The Mall Sendai Nagamachi store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Koriyama Nakamachi store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Seiyu Moriya store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Sano Premium Outlets (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Utsunomiya Interpark Shopping Village (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Keyaki Walk Maebashi store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ AEON MALL Ota (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Saitama Shintoshin store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Wakaba Walk store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Kumagaya Tiara store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Tokorozawa West Exit Store (Spaghetti, Pizza, Soup)
・ Shisui Premium Outlets (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Tomato & Garlic AEON MALL Narita (Spaghetti, Pizza, Soup)
・ Plena Makuhari store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Eucalyptus Gaoka store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Terrace Mall Matsudo (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Chiba New Town store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Shinjuku Washington Hotel (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Aeon Itabashi Shopping Center (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Capricciosa Atrevie Tabata (spaghetti, soup, tiramisu)
・ Olinas Kinshicho store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Nishikasai store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Ikebukuro East Exit Store (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Coppice Kichijoji store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Machida Modi store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ AEON MALL Yamato (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Marui Family Mizonokuchi (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Yokohama Minatomirai store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Yokohama Motomachi store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Totsuka store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Enoshima store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Niigata Station South Store (Spaghetti, Pizza, Soup)
・ Niigata Bandai City store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ AEON MALL Takaoka store (spaghetti, pizza, soup, tiramisu)
・ Toyama Favore store (spaghetti, pizza, soup, tiramisu)
・ Aeon Mall Hakusan store (spaghetti, pizza, soup, tiramisu)
・ AEON MALL Okazaki store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ AEON MALL Suzuka (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ AEON MALL Kusatsu (Spaghetti, Pizza)
・ Pieri Moriyama store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Omihachiman store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Kusatsu A ・ SQUARE store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ BiVi Nijo store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ AEON MALL KYOTO (Spaghetti, Pizza)
・ AEON MALL Takanohara store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Kawaramachi VOX store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Kawaramachi OPA store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Kyoto Yodobashi store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Joyo store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Fushimi Momoyama store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Lynx Umeda store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Abeno Q's Mall store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Namba CITY store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ LaLaport Izumi store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ AEON MALL Rinku Sennan store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ AEON MALL Sakai Teppocho store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ AEON MALL Ibaraki (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Azall Momoyamadai store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ NITORI Mall Hirakata store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Muse Takatsuki store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Minoo Q's Mall store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Blumer HAT Kobe store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Kobe Mosaic Store (Spaghetti, Pizza)
・ AEON MALL Kashihara store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ AEON MALL Yamatokoriyama store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ Nara Family Store (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ AEON MALL Kurashiki (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Fuji Grand Kitajima store (spaghetti, pizza)
・ AEON MALL Niihama (Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu)
・ Aeon Mall Kochi store (spaghetti, pizza, soup)
・ Southern Plex Haebaru store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Ameku store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)
・ Chatan Mihama store (spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu)