Afternoon Tea] Lumine Yurakucho limited menu!
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Afternoon Tea] Lumine Yurakucho limited menu! Melon & Setouchi Lemon Sweets

Afternoon Tea Room offers a variety of gorgeous seasonal menus. The Lumine Yurakucho limited edition includes two types of millefeuille, perfect for early summer, combining the elegant aroma of melon and the gentle sourness of Setouchi lemon butter cream and mousse.

Double Melon and Setouchi Lemon Cream Millefeuille

Afternoon Tea] Lumine Yurakucho limited menu!

Price: 2,600 yen (tax included, same below) *includes tea
Sales period: 2024/4/11-5/29
Sales outlets: Lumine Yurakucho only
*Please check official store for availability and product details.

Refreshing butter cream with Setouchi lemon of gentle sourness, Setouchi lemon mousse, and melon gelato are sandwiched in a crispy pie, and topped with two kinds of melons in this millefeuille. It can be enjoyed with elderflower jelly.

The millefeuille at Afternoon Tea Room is gorgeously decorated like a cake, sandwiched with light butter cream and fruit sauce, and topped with seasonal fruit for a crispy finish. The light-textured buttercream is made with a combination of rich yet light-tasting grass-fed butter and sour cream. The pie is baked in the store's kitchen with special care, pressing a layer of air into the pie as it is baked, so you can enjoy the crispy texture of the pie. Accented with salt from Guerande, France.

Mille-feuille filled with melon

Afternoon Tea] Lumine Yurakucho limited menu!

Price: 2,200 yen *includes tea
Sales period: 2024/4/11-7/17
Sold at: Lumine Yurakucho only

This millefeuille is made with luxurious melon and sandwiched in a crispy pie with butter cream, Setouchi lemon mousse and elderflower jelly. It is served with fresh melon sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Melons are at their best from spring to summer. They are characterized by their elegant aroma and freshness. The Setouchi lemons that go with the melon are domestically grown lemons with a gentle sourness. Please try this menu, which is only available for a limited time.

Pasta with salsiccia and zucchini in green cream sauce

Afternoon Tea] Lumine Yurakucho limited menu!

Price: 1,630 yen *includes soup
Sales Period: 2024/4/11-5/29

Pasta with spinach cream sauce topped with salsiccia, zucchini, green salad and cheese tuile. Accented with lemon oil. There is also a "food set" that allows you to enjoy sweets in combination with your meal.

Pasta + 400 yen: Half-size sweet of your choice or salad + tea of your choice
Pasta + 800 yen: 2 items of your choice (half & half) or 1 item (full size) + tea of your choice

Afternoon Tea Room LUMINE Yurakucho

Hours: 11:00 - 21:00

2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006

Lumine Yurakucho B1F

* The menu start date and stores where the menu is available may change or implementation may be cancelled without notice due to temporary store closures or changes in business hours. Please note that the menu may be changed or cancelled without prior notice due to temporary store closures or changes in business hours.
In-store menu prices include tax (10%).
The limited-quantity menu will end as soon as it is gone.
The photo is for illustrative purposes only. The actual plates, etc. used for the menu may differ.
Please refer to the official website for allergy and energy information.

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