FamilyMart "Dodeska! Collaboration Products

FamilyMart "Dodeska! Collaboration products: Limited to the Tokai

region. and "Pudding a la mode style omelette", "Thick sliced Ogura & Margarine", "Wiener coffee style cream bun", "Large size curry spaghetti" and "Curry pilaf omusubi" are on sale from November 7, 2012. The "Junshocha Me-romero" lineup is a convenience store version of the popular menu items from the Junshocha restaurants in the Tokai region.

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Pudding a la mode style omelet

FamilyMart "Pudding a la mode style omelette

This omelette is inspired by "Pudding a la mode. Pudding-flavored cream, pudding-like jelly, caramel sauce, and whipped cream are wrapped in sponge dough and topped with fruits (yellow peach and pineapple). Priced at 260 yen (tax included).

Thick-sliced Ogura

& Margarine

FamilyMart "Thick sliced Ogura & Margarine

The image is that of thickly sliced "Ogura Toast". Thick, fluffy, soft bread topped with azuki red bean paste from Hokkaido and margarine. Priced at 145 yen.


Coffee-Style Cream Bun

FamilyMart "Wiener Coffee-Style Cream Buns

This bread is inspired by "Wiener Coffee". Coffee flavored bread with light whipped cream and coffee cream made with milk from Aichi Prefecture (Doumai milk). The price is 150 yen.

Large Curry Spaghetti

FamilyMart "Large Curry Spaghetti

Boiled spaghetti topped with curry is a popular dish unique to Nagoya's pure coffee shops. The noodles are large and thick. The curry is sweetened with pork and topped with a boiled egg. Curry ingredients from Nagoya food manufacturer Oriental are partially used. The price is 538 yen.

Curry Pilaf Omusubi

FamilyMart "Curry Pilaf Omusubi

Omusubi inspired by the "Curry Pilaf" served at pure coffee shops in the Tokai region. The curry pilaf has a nostalgic taste with minced pork, onions, carrots, etc., combined with a slightly sweet curry sauce made by simmering minced pork and onions together. Partially made with curry ingredients from Nagoya-based food manufacturer Oriental. The price is 145 yen.

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