FLO New winter menu "FLO's Tarte Tatin" and "Chocolate Chiffon Cake

FLO New Winter

Menu "FLO's Tarte

Tatin" and "

Chocolate Ch

iffon Cake" New winter sweets "FLO's Tarte Tatin" and "Chocolate Chiffon Cake" are now available from Floprestige. Also available are the renewed and more delicious "Canelé".

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Tarte T

atin: This tart is made upside down by spreading caramel sauce, walnuts, apple compote, and almond cream in a tart mold and baking it with choucrée pastry on top. Whole tarts (approx. 20 cm in length) are priced at 2,041 yen (tax included, same below). Cuts are 280 yen each.

FLO Tarte Tatin, a new winter menu item

Chocolate Chiffon C

ake: Soft and moist cocoa chiffon cake decorated with a generous amount of chocolate cream. The chocolate sauce poured on top adds an accent to the finish. Whole cake (approx. 18 cm) is 2,797 yen. Cuts are 475 yen each.

FLO New winter menu item: Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Renewal Canulé

: Rum-scented dough is baked slowly until the surface is colored, resulting in a crispy texture on the outside and a chewy texture on the inside. We recommend heating it up a little if you like. The crispy texture of the surface will be revived and you can enjoy it even more.

FLO Renewed "Cannele"

The standard for warming up: Bake in the oven or toaster oven for 2-3 minutes, and when the surface comes to room temperature, it is ready to eat.

Cannoulet - Pudding (1 piece) 291 yen
Cannoulet - Chocolat (1 piece) 291 yen
Cannoulet Gift [3 pieces] (1 set) 961 yen
Cannoulet Gift [6 pieces] (1 set) 1,825 yen

In addition, the temporarily suspended Web reservation site has been relaunched, allowing customers to make reservations in advance without worrying about products being sold out, and to smoothly pick up their orders with less waiting time in stores.

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