Chiikawa Cookie Charm Cotto 3 January 2024

Chii-Kawa Cookie Charm Cotto

3 to be released in January 2024

Bandai Candy Division will sell Chii-Kawa Cookie Charm Cotto 3. The price is 275 yen (including tax).

Chii-Kawa Cookie Charm Cot


From "Chii-Kawa" comes the third charm with a colorful ball chain featuring icing cookies. The color of the charm is as pale as real cookies, and it is made to look like a delicious cookie. In addition to "Chiikawa," "Hachiware" and "Usagi," the lineup includes "Momonga," "Kurimanju," "Otter," "Ceasar," "Chimera," "Anoko" and "Dekatsuyo. The size is approximately 50mm x 50mm x 5mm, and there will be a total of 16 kinds (one of which is rare). You will be lucky to win a "futon" with all the members together. Gum (soda flavor) comes in a pack.

Chiisukawa Cookie Charm Cotto 3

The lineup is as follows

1. chii kawa
2. hachiware
3. hare
4. momonga
5. kurimanju
6. otter
7. seisa
8. chimera
9. chii kawa (crab)
10. hachiware (crab)
11. hare (lobster)
12. hare and rabbit
13. hare and otter
14. that thing and katsuyo
15. water bath
16. [Rare] o Futon