Meiji "Chocolate Effect W Plus Cacao 72%" launched on October 10.
(Image taken from the official website)

Meiji "Chocolate Effect W Plus Cacao 72%" to go on sale on October 10

Meiji "Chocolate Effect W Plus Cacao 72%", a functional food, will go on sale from the "Chocolate Effect" series. The release date is October 10. The price is open to the public.

Chocolate Effect W Plus


72% "Chocolate Effect W Plus Cacao 72%" is a functional food with higher cacao flavanol content by adding cacao extract powder* to "Chocolate Effect Cacao 72%". In March 2023, we launched Chocolate Effect Plus Cacao 72%, a food with a functional claim to "increase good cholesterol," which was well received for its "fruity taste. Now, a new product with the added function of "helping to lower blood pressure in people with elevated blood pressure" is being marketed.

Cacao flavanols are a group of polyphenols contained in cacao beans and have been reported to increase good cholesterol and lower blood pressure. In terms of taste and flavor, the product offers the fruity taste unique to cacao extract powder and the fine bitterness of high cacao chocolate. The package design is designed to clearly communicate the functionality of cacao flavanols to those concerned about cholesterol and blood pressure by stating "helps increase good cholesterol" and "helps lower blood pressure" at the top of the package.

Cacao flavanols are a material derived from cacao and have been found to be high in cacao flavanols.

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