Maison Cacao "Fresh Shaved Ice

On June 1, Kamakura-based "Maison Cacao" will release "fresh shaved ice" made of "cacao mass" ice with mashed cacao nibs and three types of "rich cacao ice cream" combining herbs and chocolate, as a proposal of ice confections typical of the chocolate brand. Using 100% Colombian cacao, these summer confections are unique to Maison Cacao, which focuses on the expression of the original aroma of cacao and a rich, yet refreshing melt-in-your-mouth taste.

Fresh shaved ice with chocolate sauce

The main ingredient in this shaved ice is cacao mass, which is made by grinding cacao nibs, the endosperm part of the cacao bean that is the raw material for chocolate and is attracting attention as a superfood. The original ice is made by combining the cacao mass, which has a concentrated aroma and flavor of cacao, with milk and shaving it into thin slices. The top is topped with Chantilly cream and chocolate sauce. Priced at 1,080 yen for To go and 1,100 yen for eat-in (tax included, same below).

Maison Cacao "Fresh shaved ice with chocolate sauce

Raw shaved ice with mango mint sauce

Fresh shaved ice made of "cacao mass" topped with a refreshing sauce made from mangoes from Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture and apple mint from Kajitani Farm in Hiroshima Prefecture, which were found at "Traveling Maison". To go 1,080 yen, eat-in 1,100 yen.

Maison Cacao "Fresh Shaved Ice with Mango Mint Sauce

Rich Cacao Ice Cream

This year's theme for Maison Cacao's ice cream, which comes in new flavors every year, is "herbs. This year's theme is "herbs," a new flavor that is introduced every year. The herbs have a relaxing effect on the body and mind, and are used to create a chocolate experience that enriches both the body and mind. The ice cream is paired with three types of chocolate to complement the flavors of each ingredient. 6 ice creams in a set of three, priced at 4,428 yen.

Maison Cacao "Rich Cacao Ice Cream


Fresh bergamot fruit, rare in Japan, is used and combined with milk chocolate to bring out its acidity and aroma.

Chocolate Mint

Apple mint from Kajitani Farm in Hiroshima Prefecture is used. The soft coolness and sweet aroma of green apple are expressed in white chocolate.


We combined it with bitter chocolate to create a marriage of delicate aroma.