Blue Bottle Coffee "Blue Bottle Yokan Terrine Chocolat"

Blue Bottle Coffee will release "Blue Bottle Yokan Terrine Chocolat". Anko, a product jointly developed with Tomatsuan, which manufactures and sells Japanese and Western confectionery.

Blue Bottle Yokan Terrine Chocolat

"Blue Bottle Yokan Terrine Chocolat" is a product jointly developed by Blue Bottle Coffee and Tomatsuan. It is a yokan that uses rich dark chocolate based on a refreshing white bean paste that has a pleasant taste, and has a slight butter effect to give it a smooth texture like terrine. Furthermore, we knead cacao nibs (roasted and finely crushed cacao beans), which is also attracting attention as a superfood, and finish it so that you can enjoy not only bitterness and acidity but also texture. Although it has the depth of brandy and butter, it has a light taste and goes well with coffee.

The price is 421 yen (tax included) per bottle and 2,052 yen (tax included) with 4 gift boxes.

Blue Bottle Coffee "Blue Bottle Yokan Terrine Chocolat"

From December 1st, it will be on sale at each Blue Bottle Coffee store, official online store, and pop-up store. Available for a limited time until March 31st.