Ranking "Ranking of ramen chain stores that I think is the best!"

Goo Ranking, a ranking information site that ranks all "things and things" in the world, surveyed "Ranking of ramen chain stores that I think is the best!".

3rd place Ringer Hut

"Ringer Hut" is known as a specialized chain of Nagasaki Champon. We used 255g (8.99oz) of vegetables per cup of Champon, a soul food from Nagasaki City, which had a strong image of seafood, and spread the image of "you can get plenty of vegetables" nationwide. The signature menu, Nagasaki Champon, features crispy domestic vegetables and thick, chewy noodles, and uses tonkotsu soup that enhances the sweetness of the vegetables. Another popular menu, Nagasaki Sara Udon, is characterized by its refreshing taste with less sweetness.

2nd place Tenkaippin

"Tenkaippin" has its origins in the stalls that the founder started in Kyoto in 1971. The secret rich soup made from chicken and vegetables has gained popularity, and it is now a major chain with 233 stores (as of October 7, 2021) in Japan and overseas. The standard popularity is "rich", which has a unique thickness in the soup, but in addition to this, "light" of soy sauce soup, "stall taste" and "miso ramen", which are a blend of thick and light, are for ramen lovers. There is an irresistible menu.

1st place Ichiran

"Ichiran" has stores not only in Japan but also in the United States, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. As "the company that researches tonkotsu ramen the best in the world", it is a chain of individuality that pursues deliciousness by focusing on one natural tonkotsu ramen without diversifying the menu. The soup, which is the decisive factor for its deliciousness, has no odor because it removes the peculiar habit of tonkotsu, and is characterized by being rich in collagen. The specially made super raw noodles are also thoroughly served in 15 seconds so that they can be tasted in the best condition.

Aggregation period: August 7, 2021 to August 21, 2021