Chichibu Japanese Maple Pudding

Kyodo Milk Industry will release "Chichibu Wa Maple Pudding" for a limited time on February 22nd. Handling at supermarkets nationwide. The estimated price is 115 yen (excluding tax).

"Chichibu Japanese Maple Pudding" is a pudding that uses domestic maple syrup collected in the forest of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. The maple syrup used is made by carefully boiling maple sap, which can be harvested for only one month after the thaw, in a genuine Canadian concentrator for two days. In order to maximize the elegant sweetness and relieved scent of domestic maple syrup, we are particular about the absence of caramel sauce. You can enjoy the rich flavor and smooth texture of domestic maple syrup, which is a condensed blessing of Chichibu Forest.

"Regional commitment material pudding" is a regional commitment that the cooperative dairy industry visits the production area to learn about the producers' feelings in order to connect the primary industry (agriculture and livestock) with the tertiary industry (retail) and consumers. A series born from efforts to disseminate materials. In Chichibu, efforts are being made to protect the forest by thinning coniferous trees and planting broad-leaved maple trees with high water retention capacity, and by utilizing maple sap to create new values that coexist with nature. .. Part of the sales of this product will be used to grow maple seedlings in order to contribute to the sustainable production of agricultural products and forest conservation.