"Smooth pudding of ripe bananas from Meito" from the Meito brand

"Mayto's ripe banana smooth pudding" will be released on July 6th from the "Mayto's smooth pudding" series of the Mayto brand's cooperative dairy industry. The estimated price is 115 yen (excluding tax).

"Mayto's Ripe Banana Smooth Pudding" is a combination of pudding made from Costa Rican ripe bananas and caramel sauce. The next trend of tapioca is bananas, which are beginning to attract attention so much that they are called "bananas". You can enjoy the harmony of the pudding with a smooth texture that resembles a real banana and the caramel sauce that goes well with it.

In addition, the "Mateau's Smooth Pudding" series turns into a makeover just by freezing it! Cool sweets are easily completed. In particular, "Mayto's ripe banana smooth pudding" is crispy and sticky when frozen, and you can enjoy a new texture. It is also recommended as a cool dessert that is perfect for hot summers.

If you like banana flavors, you can't miss "Mateau's Ripe Banana Smooth Pudding". How about a snack?