Tsukiji Gindako Croissant Taiyaki "Shioguri

Tsukiji Gindako Croissant Taiyaki "Shioguri

" A new Croissant Taiyaki "Shioguri" will go on sale at Tsukiji Gindako stores that sell Croissant Taiyaki on September 28 (except at some stores). In addition to the "Shioguri" Croissant Taiyaki, the "Kabocha-an" Croissant Taiyaki and the "Amaguri-an" Thin Skin Taiyaki will also be available at the Taiyaki specialty store "Gin no An" from September 30.

Tsukiji Gindako Croissant Taiyaki "Shioguri

Croissant Taiyaki

"Salted Che

Tsukiji Gindako Croissant Taiyaki "Shioguri

The Croissant Taiyaki is an autumnal "chestnut" flavor. The main ingredient is a luxurious sweet chestnut red bean paste, which is made with chestnuts cut into large pieces and used to make up more than 40% of the red bean paste. The original dough with marron paste kneaded into it is used to wrap the sweet chestnut filling, and the surface of the dough (one side only) is topped with "pomelo sugar" and "honey-sweet chestnuts sprinkled with rock salt", baked to perfection from both sides. The sweetness of the rock salt that complements the chestnuts makes this croissant taiyaki a new sensation.

The croissant taiyaki will be available at Tsukiji Gindako's croissant taiyaki stores from September 28, and at Gin-no-an stores from September 30. Each taiyaki is priced at 270 yen (tax included, same below). The price for eating and drinking in the store is 275 yen.

Croissant Taiyaki "Kabocha-an"

Croissant Taiyaki "Kabocha An

The "natural sweetness of kabocha" is expressed in this mouth-watering croissant taiyaki, which uses whole kabocha (except for the skin) to give it a moist and flaky texture. The original dough is kneaded with Hokkaido pumpkin paste, and the surface (one side only) is topped with pomelo sugar and pumpkin seeds, resulting in a "crispy" and savory taste. Priced at 270 yen per piece, they will be available at all Gin-no-an stores from September 30.

Thin Skin Taiyaki "Amaguri An" (Sweet Chestnut An

Thin crusted taiyaki with sweet chestnut bean jam

This seasonal product is the most requested by customers. The dough is carefully poured one by one onto the original griddle and baked until it is just thin enough to prevent holes from forming, and then filled with the special sweet chestnut bean paste. The sweet chestnut filling is not too sweet, but has just the right balance of sweetness and flavor to satisfy the taste buds. Priced at 270 yen per piece, they will be available at all Gin-no-an stores from September 30.

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