Mos Burger "Edamame Corn Fries

Mos Bur

ger Edamame Corn Fries "Edamame Corn Fries" is a side menu item sold at Mos Burger.



Fries "Edamame Corn Fries" are made with edamame and corn seasoned only with salt, and wrapped in a batter of rice flour and bread crumbs. The flavor and texture of the ingredients can be felt as they are. The price is 280 yen (tax included). The calorie count is 174 kcal.

Mos Burger "Edamame Corn Fries

The bread crumbs were served hot, so even through the paper, my fingers were hot! The batter was so crispy that you could see a slight steam rising from it. This looks delicious!

Crispy, crispy, and fluffy. The batter is thin and creates a crispy texture. Inside are edamame (green soybeans) and corn. The texture and sweetness of the corn is especially good, and it adds a nice accent. This is a taste that even small children will enjoy! The fact that the seasoning is simple, with only salt, is also a plus.

Mos Burger "Edamame Corn Fries

The Mos Burger "Edamame Corn Fries" looks like a good way to fill up a small stomach. Why not try it when you go to Mos?