Tasted "Sixteen Grain Pretz [Light Salt Flavor]".

Ezaki Glico

's "Jurokoguri-Pritz [Light Salt Flavor]" is a snack with a crunchy texture and a savory taste.

Sixteen Grain Pritz [Light

Salt Fl

avor] Sixteen Grain Pritz is a tasty and easy way to supplement dietary fiber. Sixteen different grains (wheat, black rice, glutinous millet, oshimugi, glutinous barley, quinoa, corn, glutinous rice, green rice, germinated brown rice, white sorghum, rye, millet, amaranth, wheat, and red rice) were carefully selected and their rich taste and flavor kneaded into a single stick to create a crunchy, fun texture. The result is a "pritz" with a delightful crunchy texture.

Each bag contains 12 (standard) six-packs, and just one bag provides enough dietary fiber* to meet a daily deficiency of 50 kcal or less.

Tasted "Sixteen Grain Pretz [Light Salt Flavor]".
Sixteen Grain Pretz [light salt flavor

Crunchy and savory!

The more you chew, the more the savory grain flavor intensifies in your mouth. The more you chew, the stronger the grain flavor becomes in your mouth. It tastes a little weak. but the flavor of the kelp adds depth to the taste. The savory taste continues while chewing. It is simple, but the taste is so good that you will never get tired of it.

Tasted "Sixteen Grain Pretz [Light Salt Flavor]".

Even our editorial staff said, "This is so good! I can't stop eating it. The flavor is good, not too salty, and is recommended as a snack or to fill up a small stomach. It is a great way to consume dietary fiber and is low in calories!

You can enjoy these "Sixteen Grain Pretz [Slight Salt Flavor]" while taking care of your health. Why not stock up on these for a snack?

Daily deficiency = (1) Target amount - (2) Average intake
(1) Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (2020 version, women aged 20-64) (2) National Health and Nutrition Survey (2049 version, women aged 20-64)