Tully's Coffee: "Genovese with Morning Picked Basil from Hyogo Prefecture

Tully's Coffee will release a new menu item, "Hyogo Morning Basil Genovese," on March 9, and "Hyuganatsu Victoria Cake" on March 18. Some stores may not carry these products.

Genovese with morning-picked basil from Hyogo Prefecture

This Genovese pasta is made with a sauce made from basil harvested by hand and picked in the morning in Hyogo Prefecture, allowing you to fully enjoy its rich aroma. The best time to harvest basil is early in the morning when it is fresh and fragrant, and picking it by hand and avoiding the stems maximizes the aroma.

Basil being harvested by hand.

For the basil pesto, the fresh basil is hand-picked in the morning and processed the same day or the next day while it is still fresh, to lock in the maximum aroma for the sauce. The basil is then mixed with two secret nut pastes, cashew nuts and almonds, to give the sauce a mellow richness with the fresh and crisp flavor unique to basil. This is a dish that will satisfy even the Genovese lovers.

Tully's Coffee: "Genovese with Morning Picked Basil from Hyogo Prefecture

You can enjoy the crunchy texture of the chicken and large diced potatoes, along with the texture of the zucchini. It goes well with refreshing iced drinks, and is recommended for the coming season when the weather is getting warmer. The price including tax when eating and drinking in the restaurant is 803 yen for a single item, and from 1,023 yen for a set.

Hyuganatsu Victoria Cake

Hyuganatsu jam with its refreshing aroma and sour taste, and whipped cream are sandwiched between soft sponge dough. Priced at 495 yen for individual items, 803 yen for a set, and up when eating and drinking in the store.

Tully's Coffee "Hyuganatsu no Victoria Cake