Tully's Coffee "Fromage Banane" and "Mousse Oranger
Top: Fromage Banane Bottom: Mousse Oranger

Tully's Coffee "From

age Banane" and "Mousse Oranger" From May 24, "Fromage Banane" and "Mousse Oranger" will be on sale at Tully's Coffee stores. The two cakes are the brainchild of high school students from Shimada Gakuen Iizuka High School (Fukuoka Prefecture), which won both the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and the TULLY'S Award at the 15th Sweets Koshien competition held on September 25, 2022.



"Fromage Banane" is a cake that reproduces the winning entry in the Sweets Koshien competition. The cake has three different tastes and textures: a mildly sweet banana mousse, a refreshing cheese mousse, and a salty choucré dough, all of which are well balanced in the mouth. The salty taste of the choucré pastry accents the moderate sweetness and tartness of the passion fruit-infused banana mousse. This cake can be enjoyed by everyone, from adults to children. Prices start at 500 yen (tax included) for an individual item and 825 yen for a set of sweets.



"Mousse Oranger" combines a refreshing mousse with a sour orange flavor and a cacao-scented black cocoa sponge for a mature taste. The top is decorated with orange confit and pistachio dice for a gorgeous appearance. In addition to the refreshing taste, the combination of orange and black cocoa can also be enjoyed. Prices start at 500 yen for an individual item and 825 yen for a set of sweets.

Sweets Koshien

is an event sponsored by the Sankei Shimbun with the philosophy of "providing high school students across Japan with opportunities for self-expression and the realization of their dreams," and specially sponsored by Kaijirushi Corporation, to determine the No. 1 high school pastry chef. Teams of three high school students who love to make pastries compete in pastry-making techniques and ideas through planning, cooking, and presentation of original cakes based on a given theme. Tully's Coffee has participated as a sponsor since the 13th competition.

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