Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry: Cherry Blossom Dancing Strawberry White Chocolat Latte" and "Tom & Jerry & TEA: Cherry Blossom Scented Strawberry Royal Milk Tea".

Tully's Coffee

Tom & Jerry Collaboration Products

Tully's Coffee, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, has introduced a new line of collaboration products including "Tom & Jerry: Strawberry White Chocolat Latte with Cherry Blossom Dance" and "Tom & Jerry & TEA: Strawberry Royal Milk Tea with Cherry Blossom Scent". The collaboration products are now available. The products will go on sale on February 10 (Friday), the birthday of "Tom & Jerry," commemorating the day when the first animated film was released.

Since 2020, TULLY'S COFFEE has delivered the world of "Tom & Jerry" through a variety of collaborative products, which have been well received. This time, as the fourth collaboration, Tully's Coffee will offer a variety of products under the title of "Special Coffee Time with Cherry Blossoms and Strawberries".

The drinks are available in a limited edition cup design depicting Tom & Jerry taking a breather with a cup of coffee in hand. There will also be cup accessories that can be purchased as a set with the drinks.

Tom & Jerry Collaboration at Tully's Coffee

Tom & Jerry Cherry Blossom Fluttering Strawberry White Chocolat Latte

This white chocolate flavored latte is softly scented with cherry blossom and strawberry flavors. Topped with flaky chocolate, it looks as gorgeous as dancing cherry blossoms.

Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry: Cherry Blossom Dancing Strawberry White Chocolat Latte".

HOT/ICED. Tall size only, priced at 695 yen (tax included, same below). +A cup accessory can be added for 550 yen.

Tom & Jerry & TEA Cherry-scented Strawberry Royal Milk Tea

The mildly sweet royal milk tea is accented with the gently fragrant sweet and sour cherry blossoms and strawberries. You can feel the arrival of spring in the entire drink.

Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry & TEA Cherry-scented Strawberry Royal Milk Tea".

HOT/ICED, Tall size only, priced at 695 yen. A cup accessory can be added for +550 yen.

Tom & Jerry Cup Accessory (Pot

) Designed to look like "Jerry" is pouring the drink into the cup. One for each collaboration drink, +550 yen per person, total price: 695 yen. One per person per drink, up to two drinks in total. Ends when all are gone.

Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry Cup Accessory (Pot)

Food and honey are each offered in limited design packages to give a sense of the "Tom & Jerry" world.

Tom & Jerry Hot Dog Triple Cheese & Almond

This hot dog is themed around Jerry's favorite food, cheese. The rich flavor of three kinds of cheese (cream cheese, mascarpone, and parmesan) is topped with crispy, savory sliced almonds. Priced at 520 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry Hot Dog Triple Cheese & Almond".

Tom & Jerry's Well-Tempered Sand

wich A sandwich with a variety of ingredients such as bacon, steamed chicken, and salad sandwiched between soft, fluffy bread. The colorful appearance is inspired by the sandwiches in the movie. The price is 550 yen.

TULLY'S COFFEE "Tom & Jerry's Sandwiches" (Tom & Jerry's)

Tom & Jerry Moist Cherry Blossom & Strawberry Doughnut

: A moist strawberry-flavored cake doughnut coated in white chocolate with a hint of cherry blossom. Cherry blossom powder and freeze-dried strawberries are used to give the doughnut a gorgeous appearance. The price is 360 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry Moist Cherry & Strawberry Donuts".

Tom & Jerry Soft Cherry Blossom & Strawberry Mousse Cake

: Strawberry-flavored cheese mousse layered with cherry-scented whipped cream and decorated with shave chocolate that resembles cherry blossom petals. The subtle scent of cherry blossoms and the lovely coloring remind us of the coming of spring. The price is 525 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry Soft Cherry & Strawberry Mousse Cake".

Tom & Jerry Pretzel Cheddar Cheese

- A bite-sized, easy-to-eat pretzel flavored with rich cheddar cheese. Enjoy the comical design of the packaging. The price is 275 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Tom & Jerry Pretzel Cheddar Cheese


300g (10.58oz) Tom

& Jerry The limited edition design of TULLY'S HONEY features Tom and Jerry wearing cocked hats. It is also recommended as a gift. Priced at 1,080 yen.

Tully's Honey 300g Tom and Jerry

The goods and beans are perfect for the upcoming new life and leisure season. They also make great gifts.

Tully's Coffee Tom and Jerry Collaboration Products

Tom & Jerry Silicone Pouch & Eco Bag (Cheese)

This set includes a soft silicone cheese-shaped pouch and an eco bag with a large Tom expression. The back side features Jerry and Taffy climbing on Tom's tail. Price: 3,600 yen.

Tom & Jerry Food



) The lid with handle makes this food pot easy to carry. It can be used as a lunch box for soup, risotto, etc. Price: 3,000 yen.

Tom & Jerry Stainless

Steel Bottle


This stainless steel bottle is designed to look like Taffy peeking out from the lid. The bottle depicts Jerry hiding in a stack of cups and Tom in an apron. Price: 3,900 yen.

Tom & Jerry St

acking Mugs


) Stacking mugs reveal a comical scene when stacked. It depicts Tom trying to carry strawberries and Jerry and Taffy trying to take the spilled strawberries. Priced at 2,500 yen per mug.

Tom & Jerry Pocket Tote (cup)

Uniquely designed tote bag with Tom, Jerry, and Taffy inside and outside the pockets. It is made of cotton fabric and can hold an A4 size. Price: ¥2,150.

MILD 101 100g (3.53oz)/200g (7.05oz)

Mild and easy to drink, with a rich sweetness and soft mouthfeel. You can enjoy its caramel-like flavor and cherry-like fruity sensation.

The 100g (3.53oz) package features a design of Jerry and Taffy hiding in a cup, while the 200g (7.05oz) package features Tom holding a pot. When placed side by side, they create a single scene. Priced at 700 yen/100g (3.53oz) and 1,400 yen/200g (7.05oz).

Tully's ZIPS Single Serve MILD 101

The taste of MILD 101 is available in a convenient single-serve format that simply requires hot water. Packaged in a classic-looking design box. Priced at 1,400 yen/8-packs.

Tully's ZIPS

Single Serve

MILD 101 Drawstring Pouch

Single serve with drawstring with chalk art design. Recommended as a small gift. Priced at 1,080 yen/4P boxes.

Tom & Jerry Tully's Card & Card Case

Set A set of gorgeously designed Tully's cards in a chalk art-style card case. A miniature paper bag is also available for use as a gift. Card case 800 yen & card deposit from 1,000 yen.

Online store sales items will go on sale on February 10 (Fri.) at 11:00. In addition to some of the items sold at the store, there will also be items with online store limited designs.

Tully's Coffee Tom and Jerry Collaboration Items

<Tom & Jerry Silicone Pouch & Eco Bag (Black) 3,600 yen
Tom & Jerry Stainless Bottle (Cocoa) 3,900 yen
Tom & Jerry Stacking Mug (Pink) 2,500 yen per piece
Tom & Jerry Pocket Tote (Naughty) 2, 150 yen

<Same items as sold in stores>
・ MILD 101 200g (7.05oz) 1,400 yen
・ Tully's ZIPS Single Serve MILD 101 1,400 yen / 8P box
・ Tully's ZIPS Single Serve MILD 101 Drawstring Pouch 1,080 yen / 4P bag
・ Tully's Honey 300g (10.58oz) Tom and Jerry 1,080

* Tax included prices for drinks and food are for eat-in customers. Tax rates are different for To go.
Some stores may not carry the product.

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