McDonald's Asian Sweets

McDonald's Asian Sweets

McDonald's will release "McFlurry Apricot Mango," "McShake Salt Lychee," and "Banana Caramel Pie" on June 5 (excluding some stores) with a fascinating Asian theme, to be sold until early July.

This is the first McDonald's sweets series based on the concept of an Asian worldview, and is available for a limited time only. Three new products are lined up to enjoy the feeling of traveling to Asia with ease.

McFlurry Apricot Mango

: Rich and milky apricot cream, sweet and sour mango sauce made with mango puree, and crunchy almond-flavored red corn crush that resembles wolfberries are mixed with smooth soft cream with a milk-rich flavor. The combination of creamy apricot cream, refreshing mango sauce, and bright-looking corn crush makes this a perfect chilly treat for early summer. Priced from 320 yen (tax included, same below).

McDonald's "McFlurry Apricot Mango

McShake Salt Lychee

The fruity aroma and juicy sweetness of lychee is combined with just the right amount of saltiness to create a refreshing tropical flavor. The cool, light blue appearance and the sweet, sour, refreshing taste are addictive. Prices range from 170 yen for an S size and 240 yen for an M size.

McDonald's "McShake Salt Lychee".

Banana Caramel Pie

This new sweet pie is a crispy pie wrapped in a banana filling with the original melty sweetness of banana pulp and puree, and a smooth caramel cream enriched with brown sugar and condensed milk. The harmony of the banana filling with its exquisite fruity sweetness and the rich caramel cream fills the mouth and is enjoyed by adults and children alike. Prices start at 200 yen.

McDonald's "Banana Caramel Pie

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