Tully's Coffee "Peru Inambari

Tully's Coffee will release seasonal coffee beans "Peruvian Inambari" and sweets "Classic Zuccotto Peach & Almond" on April 27.

Peru Inambari

Peru is located in the coffee belt (coffee production area between 25 degrees north and 25 degrees south latitude, centered on the equator), where the Andes Mountains range from 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level. The most common reason for this is that the However, many production areas are located on steep mountainsides, making it difficult to secure production and transportation, and it is said that opportunities to encounter coffee of excellent quality are rare.

The "Peruvian Inambari" coffee featured in this issue was carefully produced by hand in the Inambari district, which is located in the southeastern part of Peru near the Bolivian border and is said to be an unexplored region, where there are no electrical facilities. The gorgeous and refreshing green apple-like aroma and flavor can be enjoyed refreshingly even during the season when the temperature rises. The pleasant sweetness is long-lasting and well-balanced.

Tully's Coffee "Peru Inambari

The packaging features a design depicting the Andes Mountains, which symbolize Peru, and a girl in traditional costume, all woven in traditional textiles. The brightly colored visuals evoke a refreshing taste, and are recommended as a gift. Priced at 1,350 yen (tax included)/200g (7.05oz).

Classic Zuccotto Peach & Almond

Zuccotto, a cake born in Florence, is now available. Fluffy sponge cake, mild cream and the rich flavor of yellow peaches make this cake a perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea. Crushed almonds and white chocolate chips add a crunchy texture. Priced individually at 495 yen (tax included) and as a set at 803 yen (tax included).

Tully's Coffee "Classic Zuccotto Peach & Almond

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