Tully's Coffee "Apple Cheese Caramel" and "Cacao & Cassis

Tully's Coffee will release "Apple Cheese Caramel" and "Cacao & Cassis" cakes on September 9, 2012, the brainchild of high school students from Noda Kamata High School in Chiba Prefecture, who won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and the Tully's Award at the 14th Sweets Koshien final competition held on November 7, 2021. The cake was the brainchild of a high school student from Noda Kamata Gakuen High School in Chiba Prefecture.

Apple Cheese Caramel

A smooth and smooth cheese mousse with a rich flavor that goes well with tea, topped with caramel sauce and chopped apples. Not only the topping, but also the mousse is filled with caramel-flavored apples, which together with the cookie dough create a textural and flavorful accent. Prices including tax are 500 yen for an individual item and from 825 yen for a sweet set.

Cacao & Cassis

This is a cake for adults, designed to be enjoyed with TULLY's coffee by people of all ages and genders. You can enjoy the harmony of the various textures of the tart dough, cream, and mousse, and the flavor of bitter cacao and moderate sweetness. Accented with the sourness of blackcurrants. Prices including tax are 500 yen for an individual item and from 825 yen for a set of sweets.

Prices include tax when eating or drinking in the restaurant. Tax rate is different for To go.
Some stores do not carry this product.

Sweets Koshien

The Sweets Koshien is an event sponsored by the Sankei Shimbun with the philosophy of "providing high school students across the country with opportunities for self-expression and the realization of their dreams," and specially sponsored by Kaijirushi to determine the No. 1 high school pastry chef. Teams of three high school students who love to make sweets compete with each other on the basis of their skills and ideas by planning, inventing, cooking, and presenting original cakes based on a given theme.

Three members of the Sweets Koshien "blue star
Three members of "blue star

Tully's Coffee has participated as a sponsor since the 13th competition. This year, Tully's Coffee and the Tully's Award-winning team "blue star" from Noda Kamata Gakuen High School for Advanced Studies will present a cake developed by Tully's Coffee.