Sarutahiko Coffee "Spiced Cherry Blossom Custard Latte


Sakura Cust

ard Latte


at Sardahiko Coffee Specialty Coffee Shop Sardahiko Coffee is now on sale for a limited time only. Here is a taste review of the drink that heralds the arrival of spring!



Blossom Custard Latte "Spiced Cherry Blossom Custard Latte" is a drink that evokes the image of fluttering cherry blossoms. It is a café latte based on the original "Sakura Custard Sauce" made from custard and cherry paste. It is topped with four spices: cinnamon, cardamom, anise, and tonka.

Sarutahiko Coffee "Spiced Cherry Blossom Custard Latte

The cherry blossom petals on top are made from soy sheet. The cherry blossoms look as if they have fallen into the cup, creating a gorgeous springtime scene.

Available hot or iced. The price including tax is 700 yen in the store and 686 yen to-go. Available from Wednesday, March 15 to Monday, April 17, 2023.

Cherry Blossom and Custard Flavored Cafe Latte

The spicy flavor of the latte spreads through the soft texture of the latte. The exotic aroma of cinnamon and cardamom heralds the exciting arrival of spring.

Sarutahiko Coffee "Spiced Cherry Blossom Custard Latte

This is followed by a mild custard. The full-bodied sweetness softens the spice and leads to a gentle taste. The cherry blossoms and coffee flavors are subdued, but the aftertaste gives off a spring-like feeling.

Sarutahiko Coffee "Spiced Cherry Blossom Custard Latte

Cherry blossoms, spices, custard, and coffee are an unusual combination, but each is well-balanced and rich. It is a perfect springtime drink that lets you feel the changing seasons through its appearance, taste, and aroma.