"Chilled coffee" by Sarutahiko Coffee

"Chilled coffee" by Sarutahiko Coffee will be on sale from May 18th at Lawson and Natural Lawson in Tokyo and 4 prefectures. Available at some stores in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Ibaraki (some stores do not).

Sarutahiko Coffee's chilled coffee appeared in March of this year (2021) and is being developed mainly at supermarkets in the South Kanto region. Since it is controlled in the refrigerated temperature range immediately after filling the bottle, it has a fresh and fragrant taste.

Sarutahiko Coffee's "Chilled Coffee"
Sarutahiko Coffee Kirito BLACK Black Coffee (sugar-free)

The beans are roasted according to their individuality, and the taste is as close as possible to the taste at the store, which is provided by the extraction method that suits the way of drinking, and is packed. The bottle has a wide mouth type, so you can enjoy a smooth drink and at the same time feel as if you are drinking from a coffee cup.

At Lawson and Natural Lawson in the target area this time, the existing products "Saruta Hiko Coffee Kiritto BLACK Black Coffee (sugar-free)" (238 yen, tax included, same below) and "Saruta Hiko Coffee Shinshin SWEET Cafe Latte (sweetened)" (259 yen) ), A new lineup of "Saruta Hiko Coffee Craftsman's Cafe Latte (not sweet)" (259 yen).

Sarutahiko Coffee's "Chilled Coffee"
"Sarutahiko coffee craftsman's cafe latte (not sweet)" image

"Saruta Hiko Coffee Craftsman's Cafe Latte (Not Sweet)" is a cafe latte where you can enjoy the sweetness of the ingredients by uniquely roasting and blending Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans and mixing coffee and milk in an exquisite combination. It has been finished. It is one that you can feel the pleasant bitterness of coffee and the flavor and finish like chocolate in the elegant sweetness.

Sarutahiko Coffee's "Chilled Coffee"
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