Sarutahiko Coffee "Strawberry Cream Gelatte

Sarutahiko Coffee will be selling a new flavor of its shake-and-mix sweet drink, Gelatte, called Strawberry Cream Gelatte, for a limited time only, as an early spring product. The sales period is from February 1 to April 17. The price is 830 yen (tax included/in store), 815 yen (tax included/take-out).

Strawberry Cream Gelatte

Strawberry Cream Gelatte" is a dessert drink for spring, which is a major update of "Pururun Shortcake-like Strawberry Gelatte" released last year, so that you can feel the strawberries even more. With the addition of rosemary and elderflower, the gorgeously colored "strawberry jelly" has a clean taste and is topped with a generous amount of "strawberry chocolate foam," which is made by extracting white chocolate and strawberry syrup through an espuma process and has a fluffy, creamy texture and mild sweetness.

It is also topped with a crunchy cocoa cookie, strawberry sauce and pulp. This is a "strawberry-filled" gelatte that strawberry lovers can't wait to enjoy before spring arrives.

One of the appealing features of the bottle container is that it has a large mouth, so you can enjoy it the way you like. If you shake it well and drink it with a straw, you will get a smooth strawberry milk-like drink. If you want to enjoy the texture of the cookies and jelly, shake it less and enjoy it with a spoon.