Tyrol Chocolate "Big Tyrol [Children's Day]".
Big Tyrol [Children's Day


Chocolate Big Chirole

[Children's Day

] Chirole Chocolate has introduced "Big Chirole [Children's Day]" as an assortment of chocolates for Children's Day, which will be available from March 20, 2023. The estimated price is 324 yen per set (tax included).

Tyrol Chocolate "Big Tyrol [Children's Day]".
Assortment for Children's Day



comes with an original name banner and is a

set that can be assembled and decorated for Children's Day

. It can be assembled and displayed. Also, a total of 9 different individual packages are used for Children's Day celebrations.

Tyrol Chocolate "Big Tyrol [Children's Day]".
With original name flag

Tyrol Chocolate "Big Tyrol [Children's Day]".
Total of 9 individual packages

The 2023 edition features a new animal design of cute forest friends. As with the 2022 version, the name banner can be personalized with the name of the child's choice.

Tyrol Chocolate "Big Tyrol [Children's Day]".
Three flavors: "Kashiwa Mochi", "Bisu", and "Strawberry Jelly".

The set includes 6 pieces of Kashiwa Mochi, a limited time-only flavor, 4 pieces of Bisu, a standard flavor, and 6 pieces of Strawberry Jelly, for a total of 18 pieces of 3 different flavors. In total, there are 18 pieces of three different flavors.