PRONTO "Candy SAKURA Matcha Latte", "RICH Matcha Latte", "STONEMILL's Matcha Basque Cheesecake".

PRONTO "Candy SAKURA Matcha Latte", "RICH Matcha Latte" and "STONEMILL's Matcha Bas

que Cheesecake" New drinks "Candy SAKURA Matcha Latte" and "RICH Matcha Latte" will be available at PRONTO's cafe time from March 9 (Thursday). The lineup also includes "STONEMILL's Matcha Basque Cheesecake."

Candy SAKURA Matcha Latte

combines the gentle sweetness of cherry-scented Sakura milk and rich matcha milk, topped with whipped cream and crushed cherry blossom candy. The matcha milk is made with matcha from San Francisco's "Stone Mill Matcha" cafe. The cherry blossom candy, which resembles cherry blossom petals, adds to the look, taste, and texture of the drink, making it a perfect springtime treat.

PRONTO "Candy SAKURA Matcha Latte

RICH Matcha Latte

A latte with a thicker blend of matcha so that you can enjoy the matcha of "STONEMILL MATCHA". The moderate sweetness enhances the bitterness. Available in HOT and ICE.

PRONTO "RICH Matcha Latte".

STONEMILL's Matcha Basque Cheesecake

PRONTO's most popular sweet. This basque cheesecake made with matcha green tea from STONEMILL MATCHA in San Francisco has a rich matcha aroma and a creamy cheese texture that is irresistible. PRONTO is the only place you can taste it other than the main store.

PRONTO "STONEMILL's Matcha Basque Cheesecake"

PRONTO Sakura AR," where cherry blossoms appear in front of your eyes, is also available during the Sakura drink sales period.