Lawson "Cafe Latte & Coffee Jelly

Lawson New Arrival Sweets Summary

This page introduces the new arrival sweets to be released at Lawson on July 4, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time we will introduce "Cafe Latte & Coffee Jelly", "Green Tea & Milk Pudding", "Satisfying! Custard Cream Danish" and more.

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* May not be available in all stores and regions.


Latte &

Coffee Jelly
Lawson "Cafe Latte & Coffee Jelly

A "feast of layers" that allows you to enjoy a variety of textures and tastes. The combination of crushed coffee jelly, mild café latte pudding and whipped cream is a perfect match. The price is 297 yen (tax included, same as below). Calories 220 kcal.

Mango & Milk Jelly

Lawson "Mango & Milk Jelly

Mango pudding and refreshingly sweet milk jelly combine to create a "treat. Price: 297 yen. Calories 175 kcal.

Matcha & Milk Pudding

Lawson "Green Tea & Milk Pudding

A "gochi-style sweet" that combines the mild and creamy taste of matcha green tea with the refreshing taste of milk. Price: 297 yen. Calories 239kcal.

Satisfying and satisf


Custard Cream Danish

LAWSON "Satisfying! Custard Cream Danish

A Danish bread filled with custard cream. Price: 138 yen. Calories 541kcal.

Moist Melon Pan with Muskmelon Whipped Cream

LAWSON "Moist Melon Pan with Muskmelon Whipped Cream

Moist dough filled with whipped cream that has a refreshing melon aroma. Price: 160 yen. Calories 292 kcal.

UCHI-CAFE Japanese Fruits Fukushima White Peaches 70ml (2.37us fl oz)

LAWSON "UCHICAFE Japanese Fruits: Fukushima white peaches 70ml

High juice ice cream bar containing 60% Fukushima white peach juice. Price: 214 yen. Calories 84kcal.

Hokkaido Nyugyo Goron Marugoto Domestically Produced Mikan Yogurt 120g (4.23oz)

LAWSON "Hokkaido Nyugyo Goron Marugoto Domestically Produced Mandarin Oranges Yogurt 120g".

A yogurt made with raw Hokkaido milk and a whole domestic mikan (mandarin orange). Price: 298 yen. Calories 115kcal.

Frozen Party Mango 267g (9.42oz)

Lawson "Frozen Party Mango 267g

A frozen drink with a tropical, rich mango flavor. Price: 340 yen. 213 calories.