LAWSON "Green Tea Cookie Puffs (Matcha Latte Style)

Lawson New Arrival Sweets Summary

The new arrival sweets to be released at Lawson on August 22, 2023 will be introduced, including their prices and calorie counts. The new arrivals include "Financier (Cream Cheese)", "Mochi Shokudo Roll (Sesame & Anko)", and "Matcha Cookie Puffs (Matcha Latte Style)".

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Financier (cream cheese)

Lawson "Financier (cream cheese)

Financier with the aroma of fermented butter and almond pudding. Price: ¥192. Calories 364 kcal.

Mochi texture roll (sesame & red bean paste) rolled with rice cake

LAWSON "Mochi texture roll rolled with rice cake (sesame & red bean paste)

A rolled sweet that allows you to enjoy a blend of Japanese and Western flavors. Sesame, red bean paste, and mochi texture dough are combined. Price: 397 yen. Calories 706 kcal per package.

Matcha Cookie Puffs (Matcha Latte Style)

LAWSON "Green Tea Cookie Puffs (Matcha Latte Style)

Cream puffs made with Uji matcha green tea, with the aroma of matcha green tea spreading through the air. Price: ¥235. Calories 359kcal.

Tokushima Sangyo Mango Strawberry Cake 120g (4.23oz)

LAWSON "Tokushima Sangyo Mango Strawberry Cake 120g

A dessert of glutinous rice cakes layered with sweet and sour mango sauce. Price: 198 yen. Calories 144kcal.

imperfect Nutty Almond Praline Ice Cream 75ml (2.54us fl oz)

LAWSON "imperfect nutty almond praline ice cream 75ml

A praline ice cream bar consisting of rich almond ice cream and melted bitter caramel sauce, covered with chocolate. This rich almond ice cream is made from two types of almond paste with different degrees of roasting: "shallow roasted" for its sweetness and "deep roasted" for its savory flavor. The crispy texture of the diced almonds adds an accent. Price: 200 yen. Calories 225kcal.