MONTAIR "Moist Financier Milk


Financier Milk" MONTAIR will sell "Moist Financier Milk" nationwide from March 1 (Wed) to April 30 (Sun). Estimated price is 172 yen, 205 yen (tax included) for Okinawa only.

Moist Financier


A cold sand cake with a buttery, moist financier dough and smooth milk cream. The financier, a popular baked dessert, is made into a fresh chilled dessert.

MONTAIR "Moist Financier Milk

The financier dough is made with butter and almond pudding. While taking advantage of the savory aroma typical of baked pastries, we have also considered the balance of smoothness in the mouth with smooth cream and added homemade pasteurized milk to create a moist texture that can only be achieved with chilled desserts.

The milk cream is blended with fresh Hokkaido cream and homemade custard. While the cream is rich and deep, the addition of a small amount of brandy gives it a clean and elegant sweetness that brings out the flavor of the dough.

MONTAIR "Moist Financier Milk

The dough and cream overlap each other coolly and comfortably, and the buttery flavor, almond aroma, and rich milk taste spread together as one. This one-handed, easy-to-enjoy sweet is perfect for a break during the workday.

Some stores in the sales area do not carry this product.