MONTEUR "Cream Financier" "Cream Financier / Tea"

Monteur's cold baked confectionery "Cream Financier" and "Cream Financier Tea" will be released on March 1st at supermarkets nationwide. The estimated price is 240 yen each and 270 yen (excluding tax) only in Okinawa.

The "chilled baked confectionery" series, which is made by combining the know-how of chilled dessert and baked confectionery, is popular for its "cool mouthfeel" and "moist softness". Baumkuchen is currently being deployed, and this time a new financier will appear.

Developed with the idea that "while spending more time at home, you can spend a relaxing time with coffee during breaks between work and housework." You can fully enjoy the cool and moist "raw texture" that can only be achieved with chilled desserts, the "fragrance" unique to baked confectionery, and the "simple and relaxing taste". A sweet that is perfect when you want to fill your stomach and take another step.

"Cream Financier" is a financier filled with smooth milk cream. The dough is fragrantly baked with the addition of almond poodle, and you can enjoy a moist and profound texture and a deep and rich taste.

MONTEUR "Cream Financier"

In order to enhance the taste of the dough, the milk cream is a blend of home-cooked custard and condensed milk, and orange-flavored Western liquor as a secret ingredient. It has a rich yet elegant sweetness. The dough and cream melt coolly and comfortably, with the aroma of almonds, butter and rich milk slowly spreading in your mouth.

"Cream Financier Black Tea" is a limited-time flavor of milk cream stuffed in a dough that is baked by blending fragrant Earl Gray tea leaves. Rich milk enhances the gorgeous aroma of black tea.

MONTEUR "Cream Financier / Tea"