Cocos Strawberry & Chocolate Fair

Cocos Strawberry & Chocolate Fair

Cocos Family Restaurant "Strawberry & Chocolate Fair" will be held from Thursday, January 12. No To go available.

Strawberry &


Fair This year's fair features five desserts that combine seasonal strawberries and chocolate. Coco's signature drink bar will offer "Strawberry Tea" with the sweet and sour aroma of strawberries.

15 (Strawberry) Queen Parfait

: 15 domestically grown strawberries are topped with the wish to "feel the happiness of eating a whole strawberry. The combination of sweet and sour strawberries, rich chocolate pudding with a hint of cacao, chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream is exquisite.

Cocos "Super Strawberry! 15 (Strawberry) Queen Parfait"

The light red strawberry jelly has a refreshing sweetness and refreshing sourness that complements the rich chocolate flavor. The crunchy texture of the chocolate crisps and the savory roasted mixed nuts accentuate the taste and keep you satisfied until the very end. Priced at 1,639 yen (tax included, same below).


and Chocolate

Parfait: Enjoy the "Ichigo Ichie" taste of fresh strawberries and rich chocolate. The price is 979 yen.

Cocos "Strawberry and Chocolate Parfait"


Strawberry Short

: A shortcake with a moist sponge, a generous amount of soft whipped cream, and sweet and sour strawberries that go perfectly together. Strawberries are also sandwiched between the sponge. Enjoy it with roasted mixed nuts and rich chocolate sauce topped around it. Price: 649 yen.

Cocos "Melted Strawberry Short


and Chocolate Glass Parfait

Strawberry Sherbet & Chocolate Ice Cream

A perfect size dessert for after dinner. Enjoy the combination of seasonal strawberries and chocolate. The "Strawberry and Chocolate Glass Parfait" is priced at 495 yen and the "Strawberry Sherbet and Chocolate Ice Cream" is priced at 363 yen.

Cocos "Strawberry and Chocolate Glass Parfait"
Strawberry and chocolate glass parfait

Cocos "Strawberry Sherbet & Chocolate Ice Cream"
Strawberry sherbet & chocolate ice cream

To be sold at all 511 stores (as of January 5).
Not available at Yamaguchi Ube Airport store.